Letter Regarding The Revised CPS Rates

A-TEAM, Providers and Supporters,

As many of you are aware the revised CPS rates were released last Friday (May 24th). The Proposed rates in March would have created a tremendous financial strain on ALL Providers, which would have created the quality and quantity of services that individuals with an intellectual disability would have received. There would have been some instances where Providers would have had to close their doors and not be able to provide programs and services for those they serve.

Thanks to thousands of letters, e-mails, phone calls, etc. made to the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) during the 30 day Commenting Period, modifications to the rates were made. In addition to our correspondences to ODP, the amount of support received by our Legislators and Senators was outstanding. I would suggest that all of you reach out to those that supported this issue and thank them for all they have done.

In receiving much feedback from many Providers throughout the Commonwealth, the overall view is as follows:

  • Even though the modified rates will not be taken back to the current rates, the loss of revenue will not create a dramatic financial impact on Providers. There will need to be some cuts for several Providers, but the likelihood of any major change is not evident.
  • There will continue to be issues that ODP will bring to the table. When these issues arise, we will ONCE AGAIN, need to bond together and fight for what is RIGHT.
  • Everything we have been fighting for revolves around ones CHOICE!!! Having a CHOICE is a given right and fighting for that right is what we will do.

Take care and if anyone has any thoughts, comments or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Timothy P. Miller, MSW
Executive Director

Westmoreland County Blind Association
911 South Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601


PA State Representative Eric Nelson’s Visit To WCBA’s Facility

Here is a video of PA State Representative Eric Nelson’s visit to WCBA’s facility last Friday. He is helping explain the importance of sheltered workshops and the value they have for employing special needs individuals.

Don’t forget to join us Tuesday, April 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for our Spring Open House. Everyone is invited to come to the WCBA and share in our “National Day For Choice”.

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month! Join the WCBA as we celebrate “life side by side” all month long and help us remind everyone that we value what is important to people with disabilities and their families who are striving for everyday lives no different than that of all others!

Click below to read Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf’s proclamation for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

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Action Alert – Tell Congress TODAY to Vote NO on the Raise the Wage Act!

In January, the United States House and Senate introduced companion bills to raise the minimum wage over time. The bills, H.R. 582 and S. 150, The Raise the Wage Act, include language that would eliminate Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would eviscerate opportunities for people with significant disabilities who enjoy and want to keep their jobs.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6, the House Education and Labor Committee intends to mark up H.R. 582 in preparation of sending it to the floor for a vote. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED TO TELL CONGRESS THAT 14(C) IS A VITAL OPTION FOR MANY PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THE DIGNITY OF WORK. Go to the ACCSES Action Center RIGHT NOW and tell your Members of Congress to not let this Bill go to the House floor with this provision in it and, if it does, to VOTE NO.

When the Education and Labor Committee held a hearing recently on the Raise the Wage Act, only people who spoke against 14(c) were included on the Panel. YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD. ACT NOW. Send an Action Alert. Call your Members of Congress, particularly your Representatives, and tell them to remove this provision of the Bill or VOTE NO. Tweet your Members. Facebook your Members. Get your message heard.

Record Setting Attendance At Our Spring Gala

Thanks to everyone who attended the WCBA’s Spring Gala, Havana Nights. We had record setting attendance with more than 200 guests this year!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors for supporting this event and helping make it a special night!

You can read more about the event and see a few photos in this TribLive article, “Out & About: Blind Association treats guests to a night in Havana“.