Renovation Funding Request – Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program (NAP)

The Westmoreland County Blind Association is seeking Corporate funding for a renovation project that is described below. Our request is being made to Corporations that can also benefit through the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program (NAP). This program affords the corporate donor the ability to receive tax credits that they can utilize towards their Pennsylvania State tax liability. These Tax Credits could be used over a 5-year period and would be effective in fiscal year 2020/2021.

Renovation Project:
In September of 2018, our Board of Directors identified a need to update our facility to support the growing needs of our consumers. From their assessment, a renovation plan for the south portion of our facility was developed to meet the identified need of operating in a safer, more effective and efficient manner.

These identified needs include:

  • Outdated accessible ramp system
  • Additional fire exits
  • Safe area to address behavioral needs and concerns
  • Growing consumer base

We plan to meet these needs by completing the following upgrades:

  • Safety in accessing our facility
  • Efficient use of space in our daily operations
  • Development of a Sensory Room for our intellectually challenged consumers
  • Creation of a program/conference room
  • Expansion of our Adult Training Facility and Pre-Vocational Services
  • Creating a Wellness room for our Special Needs Consumers
  • Purchasing of new equipment
  • Creating a safe outdoor space
  • Adding two handicapped accessible restrooms
  • Creating a Training area for our staff and those we serve

The anticipated cost for this project is $850,000. The Westmoreland County Blind Association has secured initial funding for this project, and we are prepared to invest our own operating funds. We are seeking financial support towards the cost of our renovation needs. This project will have a tremendous and immediate impact on those we serve, and prove to be a cost-effective endeavor that will provide our consumers with the tools they need to effectively navigate society.

If you have any questions, please contact me by phone at 724-837-1250 or by email at


Timothy P. Miller, MSW
Executive Director

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