The WCBA services and programs enhance productivity, independence and quality of life for blind, sight impaired and intellectually challenged individuals.

Prevocational Services

WCBA provides prevocational services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“Consumers”) that are interested in employment. Prevocational support helps individuals develop the skills necessary to gain and maintain community employment. The WCBA Work Activities Center provides therapeutic and developmental tasks that promote good working habits in a true workplace atmosphere. The skills learned offer the individual a path toward independence and self-reliance through paid work. This department offers Consumers an opportunity to:

  • Develop general non-job-specific skills;
  • Learn to focus on following instructions and task completion;
  • Develop fellowships and learn the importance of teamwork; and
  • Learn workplace safety, punctuality and peer interaction.

Individuals at the Work Activity Center perform jobs such as:

  • Document destruction;
  • Box making;
  • Packaging services; and
  • A variety of other commercial services.

DID YOU KNOW: WCBA’s Pre-Vocational Work Activity Center has increased their Consumer base by over 100 percent in the past five years. For more information please call 724.837.1250.

Adult Training Facility

WCBA provides adult training services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“Consumers”) that are interested in learning basic life skills. Continuous training and education are the tools by which these Consumers may grow and achieve independence.

The WCBA Adult Training Facility (ATF) has a dedicated team that assists Consumers in gaining critical skills that provide a solid foundation for more independent living. This department offers Consumers an opportunity to:

  • Develop social relationships;
  • Learn daily living and survival skills;
  • Practice personal hygiene such as washing hands and brushing teeth;
  • Develop basic household skills like cooking and laundry; and
  • Participate in social and community activities through outings.

DID YOU KNOW: WCBA’s Adult Training Facility provided over 38,000 units of service in the past year. For more information please call 724.837.1250.


WCBA provides transportation to eligible Consumers that attend our Pre-Vocational Work Activity Center and Adult Training Facility. This is a door to door service for the Consumers.

  • WCBA covers the entire Westmoreland County area
  • WCBA has handicapped accessible vans for those in need
  • ALL drivers must have background checks

DID YOU KNOW: WCBA provided 7,861 transportational trips last year.

Personal Assistance Services, Companion Services & Community Habilitation Services

WCBA provides one-to-one supervision for those receiving PAS, Companion and Community Habilitation services. Our qualified staff assists the Consumer in their daily needs as well as taking them out in the community. The intent is for the Consumer to gain a sense of independence.

What kind of activities can I expect to do?

  • Trips to the mall
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to a Pirate game
  • Receiving assistance in preparing a meal

PFDS, Consolidated, OBRA and COMMCARE Waivers

WCBA accepts Consumers that are waiver funded through the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) as well as those Consumers that receive waiver funding through the Office of Long Term Living (OLTL). These individuals have the opportunity to participate in services and programs offered by WCBA.

OBRA & COMCARE Waivers (OLTL) are eligible for:

  • Pre-Vocational Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

PFDS & Consolidated Waivers (ODP) are eligible for:

  • Pre-Vocational Services
  • Adult Training Facility (ATF)
  • Transportational Services
  • Companion Services
  • Community Habilitation Services

WCBA IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Westmoreland County Blind Association, as a non-profit organization and employer, does not discriminate against any individual on account of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, gender identity, status as a veteran, or any other unlawful basis. This policy is applicable to all employment activity, all human resource matters inherent in the employer/employee relationship, and all educational programs.

In implementing this policy, all employment applications are welcomed. Hiring decisions are based upon qualifications, skills, ability, and organizational fit; all employment practices and educational programs are guided by applicable labor agreements and federal/state laws and regulations.