When vision loss is not correctable with the aid of glasses, contact lenses, surgery or medication, the WCBA Low Vision Clinic empowers the individual with options to retain or regain independence.

More than 20 years ago, WCBA partnered with Dr. Chris Cakanac, OD, FAAO, to provide options for the visually impaired that were not available in the past.

Together WCBA and Dr. Chris Cakanac OD, FAAO, established the first low vision clinic in Westmoreland County.

The adaptive equipment prescribed by Dr. Cakanac often enables the patient to do tasks which they were previously unable to perform such as read printed materials, watch television, and function independently. An eye care professional or physician can refer patients to the WCBA Low Vision Clinic.

Did you know? The Low Vision Clinic at WCBA conducted 147 evaluations last year.

For more information please call 724.837.1250.