For many, finding meaningful employment in today’s economic climate is difficult. Consider the diminished employment opportunities for those who have lost their vision. Employment not only fulfills the need for a source of income, but also the need to be independent and productive. WCBA employment areas include:


WCBA Manufacturing requires a 75% blind to sighted workforce ratio for most of its operations. Click here [Link] or call 724.837.1250 to find out more about our current job opportunities.

Did you know? The manufacturing department at WCBA produced 82,529 textile items for our armed forces last year.  


Westmoreland County Blind Association, as a non-profit organization and employer, does not discriminate against any individual on account of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, gender identity, status as a veteran, or any other unlawful basis. This policy is applicable to all employment activity, all human resource matters inherent in the employer/employee relationship, and all educational programs.

In implementing this policy, all employment applications are welcomed. Hiring decisions are based upon qualifications, skills, ability, and organizational fit; all employment practices and educational programs are guided by applicable labor agreements and federal/state laws and regulations.