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WCBA 2022 Year-In-Review

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We are always moving forward at WCBA. As one year rolls into the next, we roll with it, fully engaged in the work that needs to be done. We are driven by our commitment to continue serving our consumers to the very best of our capabilities.

Today, we stop for a moment to look back and reflect on the many highlights of this past year. In 2022, WCBA continued to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic while undertaking the final phase of renovating our facility. We were proud to be recognized for our 40 years as members of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce. We were pleased to participate in community programs that support the quality of life for our consumers and enhance our community as well. Our new Consumer-of-the-Week award was another highlight of the year, allowing us to recognize the special qualities of the individuals we serve.

In 2023, we will continue our forward progress and seek opportunities to innovate our programs and activities. WCBA is grateful for our community, our Board members, consumers, staff, supporters, and friends. There is much to celebrate, and much still to be done. I hope you’ll enjoy these stories of WCBA and continue to help us cultivate a brighter future together.

Click here to download the WCBA’s 2022 Year-in-Review.

Timothy P. Miller
Executive Director

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